Bommer FM95SLI-HD Full Mortise Short Leaf Inset Continuous Geared Aluminum Hinge Heavy Duty 95 in. EA

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Continuous Geared Aluminum Hinge consists of two full-height geared leafs. Each geared leaf rotates evenly from top to bottom, riding on high strength nylon bearings. The geared leafs and bearings are held together by a full-length channel cap. This assembly retains the smooth, clean lines of the door and frame, while easily supporting heavy vertical loads.
Unlike a conventional hinge, a Continuous Geared Aluminum Hinge has no pin.
Bommer’s full line of Continuous Geared Aluminum Hinges are certified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (U.S.A. and Canada) for up to a 3 Hour Fire Listing for all 4ft x 10ft and 8ft x 10ft door and frame assemblies.
Unlike conventional hinges, Continuous Geared Aluminum Hinges distribute load stress uniformly along the full length of the door and frame, diffusing wear and tear from closer kickback shock and eliminating door sag and binding.
The gear design ensures identical operation of each leaf; therefore very little effort is required to open heavy commercial doors.
The attaching screws for all hinges are located along the full length of each hinge. Preventing warp age of the door along the jamb.
Continuous Geared Aluminum Hinges creates a high degree of security for any opening or restricted area. The geared construction and the full length channel cap seal the common gap between the door and frame provides security against prying.
Closing the common gap between the door and frame provides safety against pinched fingers for doors in public areas, particularly those areas where children are present.
Bommer Continuous Geared Aluminum Hinge products are guaranteed for the life of the opening against defects in material or workmanship.
The full mortise hinge is designed mainly for new door application, and is applied so as to conceal both leaves.
Hinge is 95 in. long with 31 bearings.
Maximum Door Weight: 620 lbs
All fasteners are no.12-24 x 7/16 Type C, FHUC screws (phillips, flat head, undercut screw, 7/16 in. long, that forms its own 12-24 thread). Wood screws upon request only.

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Product ID FM95SLI-HD/ Product ID FM95SLI-HD/

FM95SLI-HD-393, FM95SLI-HD-628

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