Bommer 5010 Full Mortise Standard Weight Steel Wide Throw Hinge Plain Bearing with Steel Pin ANSI A8133 EA

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BHMA Certified Architectural Grade Hinge
Used when additional throw is needed to clear trim or wall conditions. For medium weight doors, low frequency.
Full Mortise Hinges have one leaf mortised in the door edge and the other leaf mortised in the jamb. This is the most common hinge application.
Specify size when ordering. Options and finishes available may vary by size.
Non-rising Steel Removable Pin as standard. Available with Non-Removable Pin for additional upcharge. Please specify -NRP when ordering.
Available with Ball Bearings - see BB5010.
Five Knuckle with Template Hole Pattern
Square Corners as standard. 1/4 in. Radius or 5/8 in Radius Corners available by special order. Additional upcharge will apply.
Button Tips as standard. Available with Acorn Tips (see 5010-Y), Ball Tips (see 5010-T), or Steeple Tips (see 5010-W).
Security options available by special order include Hospital Tips, Security Stud, Maximum Security Stud, or Non-Removable Pin with Security Stud.
Brass Wide Throw Hinges and Stainless Steel Wide Throw Hinges with Stainless Steel Pins are available by special order.
Standard packaging includes hinge, machine screws, and wood screws.

The following part numbers are available by selecting the options above.

5010-355N-652, 5010-355-652, 5010-356N-600, 5010-356N-632, 5010-356N-633, 5010-356N-639, 5010-356N-640, 5010-356N-643, 5010-356N-651, 5010-356N-652, 5010-356-600, 5010-356-632, 5010-356-633, 5010-356-639, 5010-356-640, 5010-356-643, 5010-356-651, 5010-356-652, 5010-405N-652, 5010-405-652, 5010-406N-600, 5010-406-600, 5010-407N-600, 5010-407N-632, 5010-407N-633, 5010-407N-639, 5010-407N-640, 5010-407N-643, 5010-407N-651, 5010-407N-652, 5010-407-600, 5010-407-632, 5010-407-633, 5010-407-639, 5010-407-640, 5010-407-643, 5010-407-651, 5010-407-652, 5010-455N-652, 5010-455-652, 5010-456N-600, 5010-456N-632, 5010-456N-633, 5010-456N-639, 5010-456N-640, 5010-456N-643, 5010-456N-651, 5010-456N-652, 5010-456-600, 5010-456-632, 5010-456-633, 5010-456-639, 5010-456-640, 5010-456-643, 5010-456-651, 5010-456-652, 5010-457N-652, 5010-457-652, 5010-458N-600, 5010-458N-632, 5010-458N-633, 5010-458N-639, 5010-458N-640, 5010-458N-643, 5010-458N-651, 5010-458N-652, 5010-458-600, 5010-458-632, 5010-458-633, 5010-458-639, 5010-458-640, 5010-458-643, 5010-458-651, 5010-458-652, 5010-506N-600, 5010-506N-632, 5010-506N-633, 5010-506N-639, 5010-506N-640, 5010-506N-643, 5010-506N-651, 5010-506N-652, 5010-506-600, 5010-506-632, 5010-506-633, 5010-506-639, 5010-506-640, 5010-506-643, 5010-506-651, 5010-506-652, 5010-507N-652, 5010-507-652, 5010-508N-600, 5010-508N-632, 5010-508N-633, 5010-508N-639, 5010-508N-640, 5010-508N-643, 5010-508N-651, 5010-508N-652, 5010-508-600, 5010-508-632, 5010-508-633, 5010-508-639, 5010-508-640, 5010-508-643, 5010-508-651, 5010-508-652

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