Bommer 1055 Lavatory Door Stop and Keeper with Clamp Type Jamb Bracket for In-Swinging Doors Only EA

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For In-Swinging Doors Only
Fits doors 3/4 in. to 1-1/4 in thick.
Fits jambs 3/4 in. to 1-1/4 in thick.
Must specify thickness for door and jamb when ordering for proper Clamp Flange sizing of Bracket.
Rubber Bumper on Stop
For use with 15004 and 15009 Rim Bolts.
Brass Material
Standard packaging is one door stop and keeper with thru bolts and nuts.

The following part numbers are available by selecting the options above.

1055-D.750XJ.750-605, 1055-D.750XJ.750-606, 1055-D.750XJ.750-625, 1055-D.750XJ.750-626, 1055-D.750XJ1.000-605, 1055-D.750XJ1.000-606, 1055-D.750XJ1.000-625, 1055-D.750XJ1.000-626, 1055-D.750XJ1.125-605, 1055-D.750XJ1.125-606, 1055-D.750XJ1.125-625, 1055-D.750XJ1.125-626, 1055-D.750XJ1.250-605, 1055-D.750XJ1.250-606, 1055-D.750XJ1.250-625, 1055-D.750XJ1.250-626, 1055-D.875XJ.875-605, 1055-D.875XJ.875-606, 1055-D.875XJ.875-625, 1055-D.875XJ.875-626, 1055-D.875XJ1.000-605, 1055-D.875XJ1.000-606, 1055-D.875XJ1.000-625, 1055-D.875XJ1.000-626, 1055-D.875XJ1.125-605, 1055-D.875XJ1.125-606, 1055-D.875XJ1.125-625, 1055-D.875XJ1.125-626, 1055-D.875XJ1.250-605, 1055-D.875XJ1.250-606, 1055-D.875XJ1.250-625, 1055-D.875XJ1.250-626, 1055-D1.000XJ1.000-605, 1055-D1.000XJ1.000-606, 1055-D1.000XJ1.000-625, 1055-D1.000XJ1.000-626, 1055-D1.000XJ1.125-605, 1055-D1.000XJ1.125-606, 1055-D1.000XJ1.125-625, 1055-D1.000XJ1.125-626, 1055-D1.000XJ1.250-605, 1055-D1.000XJ1.250-606, 1055-D1.000XJ1.250-625, 1055-D1.000XJ1.250-626, 1055-D1.125XJ1.125-605, 1055-D1.125XJ1.125-606, 1055-D1.125XJ1.125-625, 1055-D1.125XJ1.125-626, 1055-D1.125XJ1.250-605, 1055-D1.125XJ1.250-606, 1055-D1.125XJ1.250-625, 1055-D1.125XJ1.250-626, 1055-D1.250XJ1.250-605, 1055-D1.250XJ1.250-606, 1055-D1.250XJ1.250-625, 1055-D1.250XJ1.250-626

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